Criminal Law

Today’s criminal statutes are very complex and it not uncommon for ordinary citizens to find themselves charged with criminal offences.  Many people do not realize that even minor offenses such as DUI, driving on a suspended license shoplifting ,domestic violence, or small quantity drug are criminal offenses in Arizona.

Criminal charges such as DUI, embezzlement, theft, domestic violence or possession of illegal substances demands immediate representation by experienced criminal counsel  in order to protect against very serious consequences for the person accused.  The Law Offices of Henry Jacobs PLLC offers experienced criminal counsel in every aspect of the practice of criminal defense.

If you have been arrested for a crime, whether misdemeanor or felony, you need legal representation immediately.  Contact the Law Offices of Henry Jacobs PLLC now for an immediate consultation.  Prior to your consultation it is very important that the accused  not discuss anything related to his or her criminal charges with anyone other than counsel, because such information could be used later at trial.